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Wherever you live becomes the center of your universe.  Since I live in Berkeley, California, Berkeley is the center of my universe.

A spinoff of my long-running guidebook “Weekend Adventures in San Francisco & Northern California” —nine editions!–this website covers in deep detail Berkeley’s attractions, restaurants, and lodgings for both locals and visitors.  It is not meant to be all-inclusive, but is instead a curated selection of the best and most interesting.  It aims to be reliable, entertaining, and educational.  As curator of this site, my goal is to provide you with insight and suggestions.

From here, Berkeley and Beyond branches out to cover Oakland, San Francisco, and the entire Bay Area.  It continues on to include trips  throughout Northern California, the United States, and the rest of the  world using a mix of articles that I have written for magazines and newspapers, of postings from my Weekend Adventures Update blog and my Travels with Carole blog, and of updates to my guidebook.  This website is designed to help you  plan day trips, weekend adventures, and longer vacations to destinations around the world.  So if you’re looking for something new to do today or for an exciting weekend escape, you’ve come to right place.  Think of me as your canary in the coal mine– I beat the path for you so you are less likely to get lost or have a bad meal.

Berkeley and Beyond is a work in progress.  Please return often to see what new information has been added, and do consider signing up for our free e-letter that notifies you about new additions!

best regards,
Carole Terwilliger Meyers,
Berkeley and Beyond website founder, curator, and publisher

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This website is curated, written, and photographed by Carole Terwilliger Meyers.

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To list and describe well the most interesting restaurants, lodgings, sights, and activities in Berkeley, California, and as well to present the best places to visit in San Francisco, Northern California, and the world.


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tech guru meets Mark Twain at Doe Library on U.C. campus in Berkeley
tech guru meets Mark Twain at Doe Library on U.C. campus in Berkeley



The information on this website was correct when fact-checked.  However, Berkeley and Beyond hereby disclaims any liability due to changes, errors, or omissions, and cannot be held responsible for the experiences of readers while traveling.  Also, all recreational activities include an element of risk.  Berkeley and Beyond disclaims all responsibility for any injury, harm, or illness that may occur through use of information posted here.  Specific information is included to give an approximate idea of what to expect.  All establishments listed here are mentioned to alert the reader to their existence; they are not endorsed by Berkeley and Beyond.  No business has paid to be included.  It is left to the reader to call to determine current details. 


As a travel writer I find that almost my entire life seems to be spent researching.  As a result, my expenses are sometimes supplemented by tourist boards and travel vendors.  I do sometimes take a press trip, and sometimes I travel on discounted tours with the several professional travel associations I belong to.

I occasionally review products, including books, which sometimes I am allowed to keep.  Many of these items wind up in a “travel goodie bag” that I donate to charity fundraisers and auctions.  As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

I keep my editorial standards high and believe I am not influenced to paint a rosier picture when someone else picks up the tab.  Truthfully, without the injection of some complimentary travel, I would be unable to provide such far-reaching and comprehensive coverage.  I am grateful for the assistance. 

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