ARTICLE-Collective Nouns for animals

Collective Nouns
for Groups of Animals

article and most images by Carole Terwilliger Meyers

Here are some collective nouns for animal groups, each illustrated with a photograph.  Some are odd.  Some are familiar.  And some are funny.  The oldest date back to hunting terms.  How many more do you know?
Turn this into a learning game–for kids and/or adults. Print out the entries; then cut them into cards; then test each other to see how many you can get right.

congregation of alligators

covey of ants 

congress of baboons
troop of baboons

view video of fruit bats

cauldron of bats
a cloud of bats
a colony of bats
creche of baby bats

band of bears

a grist of bees
a swarm
 of bees

flock of birds

herd of buffalo

flight of butterflies
flutter of butterflies
kaleidoscope of butterflies
shimmer of butterflies

caravan of camels

clowder of cats
clutter of cats
nuisance of cats

peep of chickens
brood of hens

funk of cows
kine of cows

cast of crabs
consortium of crabs

view video of crows

murder of crows

charm of dolphins
coalition of bachelor dolphins

waddle of dodos

dole of doves
paddling of doves
pitying of turtle doves

a brace of ducks
paddling of ducks

convocation of eagles

memory of elephants

a memory of elephants

business of ferrets

charm of finches

flamboyance of flamingos

school of fish

skulk of foxes
troop of foxes

an army of frogs
chorus of frogs

gaggle of geese

bazaar of guillemots

confusion of guinea fowl

muddle of guinea pigs

cast of hawks
kettle of hawks

an array of hedgehogs

siege of herons

school of hippopotamuses

drift of hogs

dazzle of hummingbirds

cackle of hyenas
clan of hyenas

party of jays

smack of jellyfish

cling of koalas

loveliness of ladybirds

an exaltation of larks

leap of leopards

pride of lions

lounge of lizards

an echo of mockingbirds

barrel of monkeys
troop of monkeys

romp of otters
raft of sea otters

parliament of owls

bed of oysters

pandemonium of pandas

company of parrots
pandemonium of parrots
rainbow of parrots

covey of partridges

muster of peacocks
an ostentation of peacocks

colony of penguins
huddle of penguins
a parade of penguins
parcel of penguins
a waddle of penguins

bouquet of pheasants

puddle of platypuses

congregation of plovers

an aurora of polar bears

prickle of porcupines

bevy of quail

an unkindness of ravens

crash of rhinos

colony of seals

frenzy of sharks
shiver of sharks

flock of sheep

dray of squirrels
scurry of squirrels

host of sparrows

chattering of starlings
murmuration of starlings

fever of stingrays

muster of storks

flight of swallows

bank of swans
bevy of swans

an ambush of tigers

durante of toucans

rafter of turkeys

a creep of tortoises

rafter of turtles
bale of sea turtles

pod of walruses

gang of weasels
sneak of weasels

clan of killer whales

a gam of whales
a herd of whales
a mob of whales
a plump of whales
pod of whales
a run of whales
a school of whales
a shoal of whales
a troop of whales

pack of wolves
route of wolves

decent of woodpeckers

cohort of zebras
dazzle of zebras

(; copyright Carole Terwilliger Meyers)