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This detailed index directs you to article, blog posts, images, and videos that are all the work of travel writer Carole Terwilliger Meyers.

climbing the Great Wall in Beijing, China
climbing the Great Wall in Beijing, China



ARTICLE-Best Souvenirs of China
Beijing-Here and There
     VIDEO-climbing up the Great Wall
     VIDEO-climbing down the Great Wall
     VIDEO-humanity pours through a gate in Forbidden City
     VIDEO-Peking Duck carved in Beijing
Chengdu-Here and There
     VIDEO-antique pepper grinder turns dried red peppers into ground pepper
     VIDEO-not many things are cuter than a baby panda
     VIDEO-panda eating bamboo
     VIDEO-pandas doing what pandas do best
     VIDEO-red pandas eating
     VIDEO-Qin Shan Zhai Restaurant performers
Hong Kong-ARTICLE-Traveling Solo
Jiuzhaigou Valley-Here and There
     VIDEO-sesame candy pounders in Tibetan village
     VIDEO-travertine pools at Huanglong National Scenic Reserve in China
     VIDEO-waterfall at Jiuzhaigou Valley national park in Sichuan, China
Shanghai-Here and There
     VIDEO-Shanghai Maglev Train boarding and takeoff
     VIDEO-Shanghai Maglev Train accelerates to full speed in real time
     VIDEO-silk cocoons get soaked
     VIDEO-Chinese dancers sing about fresh air
     VIDEO-Chinese kung fu expert demo
     VIDEO-traditional local dance of Wencheng, China
     VIDEO-traditional tai chi
     VIDEO-zany Peking Opera singer
Wenzhou–Here and There
     ARTICLE-Why haven’t you heard of this captivating Chinese city of 14 million?
     VIDEO-boat crosses river in Shizhiyan Cliff Scenic Spot
     VIDEO-Chinese rice dough is a lot like play doh
     VIDEO-Dongyuan Printing Village set-up demo
     VIDEO-Nanxi River bamboo rafting-part 1
     VIDEO-Nanxi River bamboo rafting–part 2
     VIDEO-spectacular foggy dessert pudding
     VIDEO-why hand-pulled noodles cost more
Xi’an-Here and There


Bali–Here and There
VIDEO-Batubulan Village-barong creature cavorts in Indonesian dance
VIDEO-Batubulan Village-women perform exotic Indonesian dance
VIDEO-Jatiluwih rice terraces-separating out rice from stalks. 1
VIDEO-Jatiluwih rice terraces-separating out rice from stalks. 2
VIDEO-Taman Nusa Indonesian cultural park-traditional music & costume of Java
VIDEO-Vasanti Seminyak Resort Bali-traditional Indonesian music in lobby
Flores Island-Here and There
VIDEO-Melo Village-men sing and dance
VIDEO-Melo Village-musical greeting from women
VIDEO-Melo Village-traditional stick dance
Komodo Island


Japan-Here and There
VIDEO-Japanese marten fetches dinner in the snow
VIDEO-snow plow at work in snowiest area of the world-Japan!
Nagano Prefecture
VIDEO-noon gongs and bells peal out at Zenkoji Temple’s main hall
     VIDEO-snow monkeys grooming beside hot springs and atop webcam
     VIDEO-snow monkeys grooming in natural hot springs
     VIDEO-snow monkeys busy grooming at Jigokudani Yaen Koen Snow Monkey Park
     VIDEO-snow monkeys monkeying around the hot springs in Japan
     VIDEO-beautiful snowing scene at Miyagiko Distillery
     VIDEO-colorful Japanese fan dance
     VIDEO-female musician wearing kimono performs on the traditional instrument Tsugaru-jamisen
     VIDEO-four female musicians wearing kimono perform on the traditional instrument Tsugaru-jamisen
VIDEO-sleek bullet train arrives at Tokyo station
     VIDEO-the long kiss goodbye, or two bullet trains disengage in Japan
     VIDEO-vending machine dispenses miniature dog souvenir in Tokyo


ARTICLE-8 reasons to fall in love with Taiwan
Taiwan-Here and There
VIDEO-Changing of the guards at National Chiang Kai Shek Memorial Hall
Yuchi Township
VIDEO-river in Taroko Gorge National Park, Hualien
VIDEO-fountain at Wenwu Temple, Sun Moon Lake
VIDEO-Dageeli Tribe Restaurant, Hualien
VIDEO-Taiwan Lantern Festival
VIDEO-Taiwanese ice cream game at Chun restaurant, Yilan


Thailand-Here and There
-Here and There
VIDEO-elephant painting and munching
     VIDEO-Thai food vendor mixing green crepe dough
     VIDEO-Thai food vendor making green crepes
Bangkok-Here and There
     ARTICLE-Thai massage at Wat Pho Temple
     VIDEO-Temple of Reclining Buddha-dropping coins in bowls
     VIDEO-Thai kickboxing fight dance
     VIDEO-Thai puppetry show
Chiang Mai-Here and There
     VIDEO-morning market
     VIDEO-novice monks receive morning offering
Phuket-Here and There
     VIDEO-approaching the scene at James Bond Island
     VIDEO-cashew factory
     VIDEO-how to ream a coconut

South Pacific


FIJI-Here and There
Viti Levu-Here and There
VIDEO-Kula Eco Park-retired TV star Charlie the cockatoo
     VIDEO-Lawai Village-ladies perform fan dance
     VIDEO-Mana Island Resort-arrival
VIDEO-Outrigger-bula! guy says hello
     VIDEO-Outrigger-employees sing good-bye, Fiji farewell song “Isa Lei”
VIDEO-Radisson Bleu Resort-arrival bula drum
     VIDEO-Radisson Bleu Resort-lighting the tiki torches
     VIDEO-Rony’s voice is truly and instrument of wonder
     VIDEO-Shangri-La Resort-Drum Story pt.1
     VIDEO-Shangri-La Resort-Drum Story pt.2
     VIDEO-Shangri-La Resort-Drum Story pt. 3
Taveuni Island-Here and There
     ARTICLE-Crowing about Fiji
     VIDEO-church choir
     VIDEO-how to grate a coconut
     VIDEO-how to husk a coconut
     VIDEO-how to open a coconut
     VIDEO-how to put foods in a lovo oven
     VIDEO-how to wrap chickens beautifully for the lovo oven
     VIDEO-paved road ramble through the jungle
     VIDEO-paved road ramble along the coast
     VIDEO-Southern Blowhole
     VIDEO-Tavoro Waterfalls-swimming
     VIDEO-Waitavala waterslide-getting to the starting point
     VIDEO-Waitavala waterslide-sliding down the rest
     VIDEO-Vuna Village-kava root presentation to acting chief
Yasawa Island
     VIDEO-just another day in paradise
     VIDEO-smooth landing on grass runway
     VIDEO-smooth takeoff from grass runway
     VIDEO-wiggling kids in church

New Zealand

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