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This detailed index directs you to article, blog posts, images, and videos that are all the work of travel writer Carole Terwilliger Meyers.

chapel at Ice Hotel in Quebec, Canada
chapel at Ice Hotel in Quebec, Canada


Churchill-ARTICLE-Polar Bear Country (free login required)
Montreal-Here and There
Quebec-ARTICLE-Quebec in Winter: Ice Hotel+Winter Carnival

ancient face at spa in San Juan Cosala, Mexico
ancient face at spa in San Juan Cosala, Mexico


MEXICO-Here and There
Ajijic-Here and There
Copper Canyon-Here and There
Cuernavaca-Here and There
     VIDEO-La Universal restaurant-view of downtown Cuernavaca
Guadalajara-Here and There
     VIDEO-Corona Factory-Drummers brigade
     VIDEO-Tequila Express train-kids band at station
     VIDEO-Tequila Express train-mariachis at train depot
     VIDEO-Tequila Express train-mariachis at Herradura Estate
Guanajuato-Here and There
     VIDEO-Scenic Overlook
Mazatlan-Here and There
Mexico City-Here and There
     VIDEO-Metropolitan Cathedral/Catedral Metropolitana–noon bells
Puerto Vallarta-Here and There
     ARTICLE-5 Grand Resorts
     Punta Mita
Riviera Maya-Here and There
     VIDEO-Coba-bumpy ride by bicycle taxi
     VIDEO-Coba-climbing pyramid
     VIDEO-Coba-Maya ball game winner’s ceremony
     VIDEO-Coba-Maya performance in dry cenote
     VIDEO-swallows flying in circles in Yucatan cenote
     Playa del Carmen
          VIDEO-Blue Diamond-mariachis lunch performance
          VIDEO-The Royal-why people don’t get sick here
          VIDEO-Viceroy-beachfront room
          VIDEO-Xcaret-Mexican drummers in evening folklore show
          VIDEO-Yaxche-flaming Maya coffee
        VIDEO-archaeological site
San Blas-Here and There
San Miguel de Allende-Here and There

Flags courtesy of ITA‘s Flags of All Countries used with permission.

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